Job as a prostitute in Kiev

On my 1st Job as a hooker, tons of thoughts went through my head, This wasn’t a party, I was not even slightly drunk, it was the middle of the afternoon, and I was simply taking myself to get screwed and given money for it.
The very concept was absurd, I didn’t dress or seem like a common working-girl but I also knew that it was painfully apparent that I didn’t live there. I was shaking like a leaf walking up to this mans apartment whose name had skipped my mind and told me by the agency i worked in Kiev
The customer had left his door open for me and the moment I walked into the flat, there wasn’t any time for my shock to to be apparent as the man suddenly grabbed me and stuck his sloppy tongue in my mouth. I had mentioned in my profile on the website that I provided a “girlfriend experience” or “GFE”, but it wasn’t until that second that I connected the dots. I never had any intention of explicitly forbidding kissing, but I sort of expected it was something someone eased into on a date.
As all that was going on through my mind, he suddenly pulled my head sideways and put his tongue as deep into my ear as it would go. I wasn’t certain if slugs burrowed and I was sure they did not burrow into people’s ears, but, if they did, I now knew what it would feel like.
The only thing I could think of to do in order to get his tongue out of my ear was take my shirt off and surprisingly, it did the trick, soon he was taking off my bra and slobbering on my nipples, instead of my ear, giving me an ideal window to pull a condom out of my skirt pocket and propose we got down to business.
Nobody – not even me or any other lady I know enjoys getting pawed, poked, prodded, sloppy kissed, then fucked by a guy she would not give the time of day if she met him somewhere else.
The prostitute’s emotions range from moderate distaste and outright disgust and only in special or extremely exceptional circumstances will her experience be any different. That is not to say these unique and exceptional experiences do not, once in a blue moon, happen, they do, and when they do, no one is more surprised than the escort herself. I would know, because on two situations those experiences happened to me, but that is for another story|

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