Why Sex Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Good Health Benefits With Tantric Love Making

It is noticeable these days that the routine of sexual activity is no longer as intimate as it was practiced before.

In fact, the value of fore playing is getting shorter, thus, making the intimacy just focused on reaching orgasm. Tantric love making is not a commonly known practice and neither is its benefits established to be a known awareness. Not known to many this has already been an ancient Hindu practice where its goal is to increase energy in sexual activity instead of losing in the act, reversing the effect that benefits to total health,

Mutual understanding and trust is required in this form of sexual activity, and orgasm is not the main focus but the cultivation of energy and working of the mind and body to achieve its potential benefits through a slow, progressive, and prolonged act. Both parties must have the common understanding of what an act or play needs to be in place to sexually drive them, and will give valuable time in doing it, even if it means holding on to their climax and sexual gratification. It is not hard to achieve as long as both partners are open to the idea and what it brings after the activity, and they can both plan a setting, acts or activities that will allow stimulation and cultivating desire for a more intimate sexual practise.

More often than not, men have the most to work on in this kind of sexual ritual, where all the pleasure that a woman needs have to be given with effort and passion thus making each vulnerable to their wants. This is a kind of ritual where a woman is being put on a pedestal, and being pampered and adored giving her the self-gratification, and as for the man to show his masculinity prowess and his ability to bring pleasure and satisfaction to a woman. Serotonin, human growth hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone hormone, and oxytocin are the kind of hormones that are beneficial to a human’s well being and deflates the stress causing factors in the body thus promoting healthier and more productive life especially in sexual activities.

It may have shown according to studies that doing other things together with your partner that can make the sexual activity more fun, intimate and beneficial for your health proves to show that you get to know and understand each other’ needs.

However, partners will make their sexual experience meaningful and always a fulfilling one, it always relies on their commitment towards each other that is important.

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