Where can one pick up a prostitute in Odessa?

In Ukraine, prostitution officially isn’t recognized by the law, but the level of the erotic industry development in Odessa is higher than that of many well-promoted cities, where putanas work legally fully approved by the government. That’s why the problem of finding an attractive girl for intimate leisure becomes very essential during the vacation season when the city is flooded by dozens of thousands of tourists not only from all over Ukraine but from many other countries as well. The local clients know the basic sex dating places, but a foreigner eager to find a pretty prostitute at a suitable price in this unfamiliar city with a population of over a million will face certain difficulties. Of course one can always visit specialized internet portals, like the Mexican https://directorio-sexo.com/, where the prostitutes are gathered and classified conveniently according to categories, but there are however those preferring classical pick-up, who want to see a girl personally before inviting her to his place.

The meeting venues of night professionals

If you are on vacation in Odessa and plan to enjoy an unforgettable night with a beautiful girl, here are the places where you may find a company you need because all the local cuties when it gets dark wait for their clients at the following meeting venues:

  1. The big by-pass road at the Kiev highway side. Inexpensive prostitutes with a limited range of available services look for their clients beyond the city, so for those prepared to have quantity instead of quality it makes sense to have a look at the by-pass road. The basic clientele of this category of prostitutes consists of taxi and long-distance truck drivers, as well as the representatives of marginal layers of society. That’s why decent clients should be careful with those ladies from the road to avoid becoming a victim of cheaters or contracting a contagious disease. But the starting price of such girls is 400-500 hryvnias per hour of traditional sex. Additional services go for some additional payment.
  2. The Big and the Small Arnautskaya streets. After 9 PM the professionals of Odessa appear practically in all dark corners and side streets of the central part of the city, but their densest accumulation has been noted in the Big and The Small Artautskaya streets. Here one can meet the cuties from various price categories, so every client will find entertainment to his taste, but on average the prices are within 800-1000 hryvnias.
  3. The bus terminal area. Not far from the terminal there is a popular in Odessa love hotel “Zirka”. Many of the prostitutes take their pick-up guys to the room, they reserved beforehand. The price rates here are standard 600-1000 hryvnias per hour, but the choice of the girls is really wide. Their appearances are really varied as well as their very special sex skills.
  4. The Customs Square. One shouldn’t forget that Odessa is the seaside city and dozens of intimate professionals regularly get together around the port. They meet and see the ships off. The diversity of approachable girls is striking, one can see them standing near practically each bar or nightclub. That’s why a sexually interested man won’t stay lonely after a walk along the seaside zone.

Besides, the prostitutes of Odessa can be found in massage salons, private clinics, restaurants and tourist complexes. Comparing the prices of the local beauties to those of, for instance, Mexican escort girls in Monterrey, it’s obvious that spending vacation with Ukrainian putanas would cost a foreign tourist much cheaper, their skills being not in the least worse, but prices remarkably lower.

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